Jawatan Kosong Kerajaan 2011 Suruhanjaya Sekuriti Malaysia (SC)

Suruhanjaya Sekuriti Malaysia(SC) kini membuka pelbagai kekosongan baru untuk memperbaiki lagi mutu perkhidmatannya terhadap para pelanggan. Terdapat 26 jawatan kosong yang disediakan dari setiausaha, pembantu pentadbiran, pembantu pengurus, eksekutif dan pengurus untuk pelbagai jenis bidang. Bagi anda yang berminat menyertai Suruhanjaya Sekuriti Malaysia(SC) jangan lepaskan peluang ini. Keterangan lengkap boleh dibaca dibawah.

The Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) is a statutory body set up to regulate and develop the Malaysian capital market. Our vision is to develop a quality, vibrant capital market for both issuers and investors. We are focused on enhanced gate-keeping, supervision and enforcement within a strong regulatory framework for a more resilient and robust capital market. SC people are committed in what we do, so, if you are dynamic, determined and driven, then SC is the right choice for you. Because we believe that life is a learning process, we offer positions with genuine responsibility, exceptional exposure and wide opportunities for career growth. When you grow, we grow. Join our team if you are keen on the following areas :

1. Bond Market
2. Capital Market Statistics
3. Corporate & International Affairs
4. Enforcement
5. Human Resource
6. Information Technology
7. Knowledge Management
8. Legal and Regulatory Services
9. Market / Corporate Surveillance
10. Organisation Effectiveness
11. Property Valuation
12. Supervision

Vacancies (nama-nama jawatan kosong)
1. Senior Manager, Bond Market
2. Assistant Manager/Manager, Bond Market
3. Assistant Manager/Manager, Data Warehousing
4. Assistant Manager/Manager, Capital Market Statistics
5. Assistant Manager/Manager, Corporate Affairs
6. Senior Manager, International Affairs
7. Assistant General Manager, Prosecution & Civil Enforcement
8. Senior Manager, Human Resource
9. Assistant Manager/Manager, Human Resource
10. Assistant Manager, IT Architecture Development
11. Assistant Manager, Application Systems Development
12. Manager/Assistant Manager, Institution Supervision (Rules Review & Operational Policy)
13. Senior Manager, Institution Supervision (Rules Review & Operational Policy)
14. Senior Manager, Regulatory Services
15. Assistant General Manager, Financial & Corporate Surveillance
16. Assistant General Manager, Market Surveillance
17. Assistant Manager, Market Surveillance
18. Senior Manager, Organisational Effectiveness
19. Assistant Manager/Manager, Property Valuation
20. Senior Executive, Property Valuation
21. Assistant Manager/Manager, Investment Management Supervision
22. Assistant Manager, Institution Supervision (Supervision of Market Institutions)
23. Senior Manager, Institution Supervision (Supervision of Market Institutions)
24. Junior Executive
25. Pool Secretary
26. Administrative Assistant

Requirements (syarat-syarat):
A broad range of multi-disciplinary skills and experience in law, economics, finance, accounting, information technology, human resource and related disciplines would be suitable. Candidates should be analytical and conceptual, able to grasp and apply theory and enjoy robust discussion. Strong communication and analytical skills are key requirements. Individuals with relevant capital market experience or academic qualifications have an advantage.

Other General Requirements (lain-lain syarat umum)
- A strong first degree in law, economics, finance or accounting with relevant industry experience and knowledge
- Two (2) to eight (8) years’ relevant experience for the job and seniority
- Strong understanding of capital markets and relevant technical areas
- Strong analytical and critical thinking skills, as well as sound judgment
- Excellent inter-personal skills and willingness to work in a diverse team
- Exceptional ability to write, communicate and operate under pressure

Remuneration and Benefits (kelebihan dan ganjaran):
Attractive remuneration packages commensurate with experience and qualifications, together with attractive fringe benefits including interest rate subsidies for staff housing and vehicle loans, interest-free computer and study loans, medical and dental benefits for staff and family, high employer’s contribution to the Employees Provident Fund and 24-hour group insurance coverage will be offered to successful candidates.

How to Apply? (cara memohon)
Qualified candidates are invited to submit the SC online recruitment application form which could be accessed via this link careersatsc.seccom.com.my/career/. Please also attach scanned copies of resume/CV with your relevant certificates and transcripts when submitting application. The duly completed application will be reviewed and only candidates who meet the recruitment criteria will be notified.

Sila ambil perhatian hanya calon yang disenarai pendek sahaja akan diberitahu.

Tarikh Tutup: 11 January 2011

Part Time Work From Home Opportunities

In this short article I am going to get straight to the point and introduce you to a few work from home opportunities that you can pursue in your spare time. I have been working online now for over 10 months and during this time I learned at lot about the home based business industry. There is a lot to learn but with the right support and training anyone can succeed online.

The first work from home business I want to tell you about is a company called Global Domains International which has been around for nearly 10 years and has a very popular and on demand product that everyone in the online business niche needs and wants. They supply.ws domain names which also come with basic hosting and several email accounts. The.ws domain names are taking the Internet by storm and its estimated that over 500 million will be registered in the next few years because.com domains are quickly running out. The company also has a network marketing side to it which allows you to earn commission on people you introduce into the opportunity. There is potential to earn a huge amount of monthly income and you only need to work part time on it. GDI also offer very generous weekly bonuses which consist of $100 for every 5 people that you bring in while building your residual income at the same time which means you work once and get paid for life.

The next business I want to tell you about is called cash box and its a Website that pays you to take part in online surveys, games and quizzes. You could easily earn an extra $50 – $100 per month working in your spare time. They also have a network marketing side to the company where you can earn up to 30% of what your downline make which means with a little bit of time and effort you could build a massive income working part time around your other daily routines.

These are personally my 2 most favorite work from home business opportunities and they are both free to join so there will never be any reason to get the credit card out again. Always do some reasearch on any online business that you plan on getting involved with because it could save you money in the long run.

Part Time Work From Home Jobs

There are many reasons why people opt for “work from home” jobs. Men and women cannot sit idle for long and their home commitments do not allow them to take up a full time 9-5 office job. So getting that little cash at the end of the month, the pleasure of working at your free time and the not feeling guilty of leaving the children or home, makes this the ideal choice for many people. The recession and slowdown in economy has certainly put a little pressure on would-be moms, or single moms to start looking out for legitimate jobs on the internet. There are a lot of opportunities waiting to be tapped, but the sad part is that there are a lot of scams on the internet and this puts people off.

If you have a computer and an internet connection then you can browse any search engine and look out for genuine jobs. There are freelancing works most suited if you have a good command over the English language. You can even try your hand at data entry if you have a flair for book keeping and arranging things meticulously. If you have prior experience in the teaching field then you can become an online tutor, and earn a large sum of money. If you are determined and can spare at least 3-4 hours per day of committed work then you can certainly earn a lot of money.

You can even start a day care centre at home if you love the company of babies. This is one profession that is growing everyday as most of the parents are busy with their work and they need to keep their young ones in a day care centre. If you have a flair for cooking then you can write a cookbook or start cooking classes at home. If you are good at art and craft then you can try your hand at candle making or stitching. Always be satisfied and happy with your work or you end up depressed.

With the right motivation and guidance you can certainly do wonders, and once you have established your self in the particular field, there is no looking back. The internet will offer you a lot of opportunities and depending upon your skills and spare time you can choose a job that your heart yearns for.

Part Time Work at Home Jobs Online

Are you looking for part time jobs you can do from home? Are you looking out for more source of income? In this article we are going to look at some part time work at home jobs you can run with your current jobs.

Surveys – There are many survey companies looking for individuals who will fill a short questionnaire in exchange for cash. Some survey sites are free while other are paid. However, the free ones might not be as profitable as the paid. The paid to join survey site provides a huge list of good surveys site that you can join for free. Looking for a free survey site can be a daunting task. If you don’t have any fund to start with a paid survey you can sign up with a free one and when you have accumulated sufficient money you can join the paid survey company.

Site Flipping – If you have website designing skills you can make a lot of money doing site flipping. Site flipping is about creating a site and making some modification and selling it for a higher amount. Or you can buy an already existing site and do some modification and sell it on the internet. If you are new in this business you might want to find out what kind of site is making the hit on the internet.

Affiliate Business – Another great part time work at home job. It’s about selling a company’s product for some amount of money. There are many affiliate business online that you can join. You should look at to join a reputable company that delivers on its promise. How much you can earn depend on the amount of effort you dedicate to your business.

Create Your Own Product – If you are creative you can create your own product and sell it on the internet. There are many products you can create such as special report, digital product, eBooks and many more.

Before venturing into creating your own product you need to carry out some research for things that are marketable. There is not point creating any product nobody would be willing to buy. Take the time to do a proper research except if you are planning on running a charity organization.

Ad sense – Google ad sense is a business opportunity program that pays people for clicks. You need to create a site of your own or create a free blog and sign up for an ad sense account and install the code you will be given.

You job is to get visitors to visit the site and they will naturally click on Google ads and that will give you income.

There are other part time work at home jobs you can do but the above are some of the most common home jobs you can do.

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  1. IBRAHIM BIN JAAFAR on January 4th, 2011 at 10:45 pm

    saya memmerlukan kerja. Ini mungkin salah satu cara untuk saya mendapat kerja yang lebih sesuai dan mengubah masa depan dengan lebihbaik.

  2. FAZRUL SAFWAN BIN MOHD FOUZI on January 4th, 2011 at 11:07 pm

    saya memerlukan kerja ini kerana ingin mengubah masa depan saya & mencari kerja menjamin masa depan saya… saya juga ingin menceburi bidang baru,yang mana boleh menampung hidup saya dimasa ekonomi sekarang mahupun akan datang….

  3. NORFADILAWATI BINTI SIRADJUDDIN on January 5th, 2011 at 4:49 am

    saya memerlukan salah satu pekerjaan di atas..
    saya mmpunyai pngalaman kerja selama 2tahun sebagai sales personal di sebuah syarikat kia motor sdn bhd,jual beli kenderaan baru dan terpakai,dan cashier pasrt time di guardian….

    ingin mminta kerja ini untuk mendptkan pngalaman baru dan akan cuba berkhimat sebagai mungkin

  4. Razaliegh Bin Ansing on January 5th, 2011 at 8:52 am

    selamat pagi dan salam 1 Malaysia,
    Sy razaliegh ansing tengah mencari pekerjaan.
    Sy mempunyai kelulusan;
    -dip. Elektrik kuasa (utm) (2009)
    -sijil kemahihan malaysia (skm) tahap 1,2 dan3.(2009)

    Di harap kepada pihak2 yang berkenaan dapat memberikan saya peluang
    Untuk berkhidmat dalam syarikat tuan.

    Sekian Terima kasih.



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