Peluang Kerjaya di Petronas – Web Design

PETRONAS Dagangan Berhad (PDB) adalah anak syarikat kepada Petroliam National Berhad (PETRONAS) memerlukan Eksekutif (Web Design) di Menara Berkembar PETRONAS, KLCC. Berkelulusan Ijazah Kreatif Multimedia atau yang berkaitan, mempunyai pengalaman di antara 5-7 tahun. Petronas menawarkan gaji yang agak lumayan dan pelbagai faedah lagi yang telah disediakan. Bagi anda yang berpengalaman luas dalam web design sangatlah digalakkan memohon dengan Petronas. Untuk maklumt lanjut sila baca keterangan lengkat yang telah disediakan.

Executive (Web Design)
(Kuala Lumpur – Menara Berkembar PETRONAS, KLCC)

Key Responsibilities Petronas Job:

1. Develop and implement policies, standards and guidelines to ensure consistent and high quality design, navigation and content integration on the PDB websites.
2. Design and programme menus, layouts, auditory and other sensory design aspects of the interaction between site visitors and the website as well as design content and web pages using industry standard tools.
3. Maintain up to date knowledge of web trends, analyze new technologies for applicability to PDB web projects, and develop long term plans based on evolving technologies in support of the development of effective online communication strategies.
4. Translate print and electronic documents using HTML editors such as DreamWeaver and conversion utilities such as Adobe Acrobat as well as edit and proofread content to ensure that all information posted is accurate and in conformity with agency editorial standards and publishing guidelines.
5. Develop and implement creative content and manage the implementation of strategic key messages to targeted audience online in support of mitigating customer-related issues to safeguard PDB’s reputation.
6. Develop, monitor and analyse unit budget to achieve optimum ROI.
7 Monitor the effectiveness of the implementation of the approved communications plans to ensure that it meets the objective and proposed interventions plans as and when deemed suitable through a comprehensive report and analysis of the projects.

Skills & Requirements Petronas Job:

1. Degree in Creative Multimedia or relevant
2. Professional qualifications in marketing, online advertising, graphic design are an added advantage
3. At least 5-7 years experience in related fields


1. Excellent verbal and written communication at all levels (English and Bahasa as priority, Mandarin is an added advantage).
2. Advanced knowledge of HTML and experience with popular content management systems (Drupal, Joomla, etc) and basic knowledge on Web 2.0, HTML and optimizing of search engines and Social Media Skills.
3. Knowledge and understanding of the methods and techniques of designing and programming architectural schemes, navigation, and content for the web.
4. In depth knowledge using computer-based graphic design tools such as Illustrator / Photoshop; web technologies such as Cascading Style Sheets and Javascript as well as Macromedia’s Dreamweaver and Flash.
5. Experience with equipments such as OCR scanners, digital cameras and presentation equipment.

Cara Memohon:
Calon-calon digalakkan memohon terus secara online di website PETRONAS iaitu:
(sila lihat di bahagian “Apply Now / Job Search”)

hanya calon-calon yang disenarai pendek sahaja akan dihubungi

Architect Job Description

It is often remarked that an architect is like a painter – both need to visualize a creation in their mind before actually creating it. Gone are the days when an architect was simply a person who only designed buildings; instead architects these days are lauded for their unusual creations and imaginative designs. Architects have had a prominent place in history for centuries. Think of the famous palaces that are admired in France, the Leaning Tower of Pisa or the Colosseum in Rome. Each of these magnificent buildings is spoken about as being ‘one of a kind’ and we are still learning many valuable lessons in architecture and construction from them. No wonder then that countries today pride themselves on being the homes of some of the most spoken about structures in the world, such as the Taj Mahal in India or the Petronas Twin Towers in Malaysia to name a few.

Becoming an architect may sound very exciting but unless you are part designer, part engineer, part problem solver, part visionary and part realist; it is a difficult profession to take up. As with any other career, a true passion and willingness to explore and experiment is a must. Architects also need to stay abreast of the latest materials in use and the best construction methods to employ. In a nutshell, an architect simply works along with a team that comprises of other architects, designers and engineers to create new designs or plans for buildings, based on guidelines and specifications laid down by the client.

What does an architect do?

Before the actual project work commences, an architect needs to have several meetings with the client and other team members where the initial design plan is revised, edited and finalized. Frequent visits to the site of construction before and after the work commences is important. Quite often, changes to the original plan are made due to various unforeseen reasons. That’s why it’s essential for an architect to think quickly on his feet and also have the ability to suggest different ideas as and when needed. Professional architects often say that a good architect has the skill to plan properly with a clear understanding of what can and can’t be done. Besides that, other factors such as the environment, budget of the project and client expectations should also be given due importance.

With the advent of software specifically for architects, they can now create a complete blueprint sitting in the comfort of their office. In fact, such software even allow the smallest details such as shelves and cabinets to be shown and even show a 3 dimensional view of the building as well. This helps the client get a better understanding of how the proposed building will look like in the end and if required, various changes can also be incorporated in the design. Architects often work closely with engineers even after the building is constructed, as there are various problems that can surface after the work is completed for example, unexpected leaks or faulty fixtures. They also work with contractors and construction site managers so that the necessary permits and other licenses can be obtained on time.

Most junior architects work with established architectural firms or work on a project/contractual basis with other established architects. In fact, for senior architects, a mere mention of a building they have designed is enough to land a new project. Once an architect has ample work experience and a set portfolio to show other clients, most of them prefer to start their own ventures by themselves or with partners. Architecture is a challenging field with plenty of opportunities and if you have an interest in a career that gives engineering a creative twist; then this is just the right profession for you.

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